Thursday, May 19, 2011


We were incredibly blessed last night when the home group we've been attending threw a surprise baby shower for me! We've only gone to the home group for a couple of months now, so I wasn't expecting anything like this and was completely blown away!
Seth, who was in on the surprise, was asked for ideas and he told them practical things, and maybe some Seventh Generation diapers.

And practical they were!

They gave us enough diapers and wipes to last about a month (and as much as I love cloth, that will be very helpful), and even some for Joanna! Plus lots of baby shampoo and lotion (I guess hearing Seventh Generation was enough of a hint that I liked natural stuff), laundry detergent, baby toothbrushes, and some fun stuff, too. The Bob Books (pre- and beginning reading books) were bought with all the kids in mind, and Benjamin's already enjoyed looking at some of them with me!

It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many thoughtful and supportive people, and we are so thankful for that!

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