Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making Room for Baby

When we found out a few months ago that Seth would be attending grad school nearby, it was our hope to be moved and settled before the baby came. But that hasn't worked out, and though we still plan to move soon, we had to make some room for the baby in the meantime.
I've been doing some purging, organizing, and rearranging. We got rid of the organ that was rarely used, and I made that spot into the kids' play nook. It needs some cute decorations on the wall, but that will probably wait for now. Moving their things means most of the mess is contained to one area, and also gave me a little spot to put the infant seat.

Still waiting for the oven door to go back on - hopefully that will happen later today! =)

I rearranged some of the kids' clothes to make some room for baby clothes, and got the Moses basket all washed up. Fortunately, that's small, so I can easily tuck it just about anywhere - and move it as I need to.

With the bed, clothes, burp rags and diapers all washed up, I think we're ready!


Abigail @ rosyhill said...

I have been reading your blog from the beginning and I love your practical solutions to making space work for you. The play cooker is incredibly cute!

Abigail 😊

Annaleah said...

Thanks! :) I haven't looked at these pictures since they were taken! Makes me want to go back to the beginning and look at them all again, too! :)