Monday, June 27, 2011

New Uses for Old Shirts

Usually, when we have a t-shirt that is worn out or just isn't wanted anymore, I cut it up for rags. However, I have found several ways to make even better use of an old t-shirt!

There are lots of tutorials out there showing you how to turn a t-shirt into yoga-type capri pants. I used this tutorial, which was great except for the waistband instructions. I didn't understand what you were supposed to do with the waistband, and ended up finishing it my own way, adding elastic to the waistband so it fit better. I absolutely love these pants! They look better on than they do in the picture, and they are so comfy! Perfect for a lazy summer day.

After I made the black yoga pants, I planned to make another pair from another t-shirt Seth didn't need, but then stumbled across this tutorial for how to make a skirt from a t-shirt, so I thought I'd try that instead. It required me learning a new technique - shirring - which was a lot easier than it looks! I didn't do as many rows of shirring as is instructed in the tutorial, since the skirt was already a bit on the shorter side. The end result is super comfy and pretty cute, too! Definitely something I'll be making again!

Once I'd made my skirt, I followed another tutorial on the same site - for making a bib from the rest of the t-shirt! This was another quick and easy project, and I absolutely love it! This bib covers great and is easy on/off with no snaps or buttons! Even if you don't want to make the skirt, this bib is worth cutting up an old t-shirt for!

While rags are great, I'm thrilled to have some new resourceful ways to use an old t-shirt!

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