Saturday, June 25, 2011

Three Weeks!

These past three weeks have flown by as we have been settling in, enjoying our sweet little baby, and slowly getting back to doing all of our normal stuff.

The older kids love little Ezra and take any opportunity to snuggle with him!

My little helper!

There is nothing as sweet as a brand new baby to cuddle.

And in the midst of having a new baby and getting back to normal life has been the fun, overwhelming, and crazy busy adventure of house hunting! Somehow, while searching for a new apartment, we came to the realization that we could purchase a house for the same (or less) cost as renting. We found one darling little house that sold just as we went to make an offer, which was very disappointing. So we have to believe that something else is out there for us - and we are hoping (and praying) that we will find it soon!

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