Friday, June 3, 2011

A Shirt for Me

For some reason, I always seem to have a difficult time finding clothes that fit me well. When I was shopping for a few summer things last year, I found this shirt at Old Navy, and although it was a little more than I typically pay for clothes, I bought it because I liked it.

I am so glad I did! This shirt was a staple in my wardrobe last summer - and will be this year as well. It's really lightweight, so it layered well even in the summer, and it's loose and flowey, which was really nice after having a baby, and was helpful for nursing as well. I wore it a lot last summer, and I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice to have another shirt like it.

(From last summer - I can hardly remember when Joanna was this little)

So, I thought I'd try to make one. I measured the original the best I could (a little difficult because of the gathers), and tried to make one the same size. I did alter the top front of the shirt - straight across instead of a "v" shape - to make it simpler to put together. I used a calico, which is a bit heavier than the material on the original, but I'm hoping it will still have a similar fit and look.

I like the way it turned out - and I'm excited to have a couple of options with this shirt (and at a much cheaper price - mine only cost a couple of dollars for the yard of fabric!).

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