Friday, December 21, 2007

A new way to make snowflakes...

I did these snowflakes with my class today. It's a fun twist to the classic paper snowflake. Just place the snowflake on a piece of blue or black construction paper (I use a little glue to hold it down). Sponge paint white over and around the snowflake. Remove the snowflake, and let the paper dry. The kids loved it!

I know that when we have kids, I am going to be very thankful for the last few years I have spent teaching. Not only do I now have lots of ideas of things for kids to do, but I also have experience dealing with different kids. Plus, I figure that if I can handle 20 four and five year olds, I can handle pretty much anything! =)


Anonymous said...

Mom said, "wait 'till you have teenagers". Ha Ha Ha

Annaleah said...

Come on now - we weren't that bad! =)