Sunday, December 9, 2007


I've been wanting to get my Christmas cards done for several days now. I finally got them made yesterday. I didn't want to do anything too time-consuming, since I have so many projects I'm trying to get done. But I did want to make them, instead of buying them. So I made these simple cards. I just printed up a couple of verses on the computer, printed them, tore them out, glued them on the card along with a piece of cardstock, and stamped on a design. I had all of the supplies, including the plain cards, so they didn't end up costing me anything. I had found these cute Christmas stampers last year at Wal-Mart, and was glad to get the chance to use them! It only took me about an hour to make 20 cards from start to finish, including clean-up time! I'm hoping to get the cards written and sent by Tuesday. That's my goal...hopefully I can accomplish it!

As a side note: I've been informed by the "Bible Police" ;) [a.k.a. my dad] that I'm supposed to cite what version of the Bible my verses came from. So, just to make sure I have all my bases covered, I used the NIV version. =)

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