Friday, December 14, 2007

Still Busy....

I've been finishing up more projects, though I still have several more to go! A few days ago I made my wrapping paper. I did this last year, and really enjoyed it! I buy a roll of brown paper, and stamp it using shapes I cut out of sponges. It hardly uses any paint, so the paint I bought last year will probably last several more years! One roll of paper will probably be enough, though if I need a little extra I'll just stamp the inside of some brown bags. I could use only brown bags, which would be even cheaper than it already is, but they don't have quite the "tearability" that the paper has, and tearing into packages is part of the fun, right?

I also finished this Christmas quilt that I sent to my grandparents. I had made the actual quilt several years ago, so all I had to do was tie the quilt at each of the corners where the squares meet. I got that done and sent it off in the mail.

I also have finished a couple of other projects, but more on those later... = )

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