Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am so saddened by some news I heard last night on TV. A former governor of Washington is trying to get an initiative on the November ballot, which is being called "Death with Dignity". This would be a physician-assisted suicide law similar to the one in Oregon. I first learned about assisted suicide when I was a sophomore in high school. During a Current World Issues class, a friend and I participated in a debate of this topic. We were on the "con" side, a side I still firmly hold to. The lack of value of human life in this country is heartbreaking. We already kill unborn babies, and now we would like to be able to kill the terminally ill also. What's next? There aren't really any limits to where something like this can lead. I feel horrible to think of the many ill people who could be talked into "dying with dignity", rather than receiving the love, comfort, and support that they need. I pray that this initiative will not be passed, or better yet not even get on the ballot, but this is such a liberal state, that I wouldn't be surprised to see it easily passed. This is something that I definitely be following over the next several months.

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