Thursday, January 24, 2008


I was tagged by Simply here goes.....

4 Jobs I Have Had:

I've actually only had three jobs so far...I made pizzas, worked as a shipping clerk, and now I'm a preschool teacher!

4 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:

Pride and Prejudice (the old one), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Wives and Daughters, and Sense and's hard to pick just four!

4 People I Email Daily:

I actually rarely email....

4 Favorite Things to Eat:

Ice cream, candy, homemade stew, homemade french bread =)

4 Places I Would Rather Be:

On the Beach, in the snow, in a fabric store, in front of a blazing fire.

4 Things I look Forward to This Year:

Being finished moving, hopefully finishing lots of craft projects, spending lots of time with family, and having my husband find a job with normal hours!

Feel free to answer these questions yourself, if you like!

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