Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's

After sleeping in (a rare thing around here), we took a walk and then came home and made this yummy breakfast.

I first made Sputniks (they're like doughnut holes) for us on Christmas. They were a favorite in my family growing up, but I hadn't made them yet for Seth because my first attempt to make them several years ago didn't go so well (the oil I was going to fry them in caught on fire). But I successfully made them for him on Christmas and they were a hit! He loved them, so we made them again for New Years.

Then we put away all the Christmas stuff and did some organizing! Along with the smaller container I already had, this new Christmas bin fit all our stuff! Not a bad way to start off the new year...


Simply Stork said...

Hello there,

Hey I'm know alot about washington...where abouts are you? (is that the kingston ferry behind you?)

Good for you!!!I wish I could get reorganized...we are having a horrible time getting it all put back into place around here...:o)

~simply stork~

Annaleah said...

Close - it's the Port Townsend Ferry!