Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!

So yesterday morning I woke up to my kitchen looking like this:

Not the most pleasant of ways to begin the day. Unfortunately, it often looks like this in the morning because after making and eating dinner, I don't always feel like cleaning up right away. So I leave it and clean up in the morning. I had thought about cleaning the kitchen Sunday night when I got home, but, well, Extreme Makeover Home Edition was way more interesting! =)

Whenever I have a really big mess like this, I clean it in stages. I start by washing all the little things - the silverware, cups, bowls, plates, etc. until I've filled my dish drainer. Then I move the remaining dishes to the sink and adjacent counter. I wipe down the stove and the counter next to it. Then I go away and do something else for a while.

When the dishes have dried, I put them away, and wash some more dishes until they're either gone or I've filled the drainer again. When all the dishes have been finished, I wipe down the rest of the counters and the sink. When these dishes have dried, they get put away, and I have a clean kitchen! If only it would stay that way for more than a couple of hours!

It really helps me to clean a little bit at a time like this because since I only spent 15-30 minutes at any one time, the job isn't quite so overwhelming, but yet I do have good progress that I can see!

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