Tuesday, October 16, 2007


As I had said before, we spent the weekend in Montana. I had planned to take some pictures of the area to post, but ended up only taking one picture all weekend, and that was of some of the people we were with. So I have no pictures that show how pretty Montana is, and it really is pretty, especially with the sunshine we were blessed with this weekend. We went to Montana to have a Bible Quizzing competition. I am a coach for a team here that is involved in Bible Quizzing. Basically, in Bible Quizzing, the members of the team memorize several chapters out of the Bible each year, then several times a year will compete against other teams by quizzing over those chapters. We have a Regional competition in the spring, then in June compete nationally against other teams across the nation. The quizzers are in 7-12 grade. I quizzed my last two years of high school, and I have been a coach since then. So this weekend, two teams from Washington got together and took a bus to Montana, to practice our quizzing with a team there. We got lots of good practice and got to see a little bit more of Montana (this was our third time going there). Quizzing is an awesome ministry, and one of the perks of it (besides learning a lot of scripture) is that those involved get to travel to various places around the country. Each year Nationals is in a different place, so in my years of involvement, I've traveled to Michigan, Minnesota, California, Ohio, West Virginia & Washington D.C., Missouri, plus all of the other places that we've had layovers in, or traveled through to get to these states.
Anyway, it was a good trip, and we were able to come back with a little more rest than we often get at home, which is a bonus! =)

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