Friday, November 2, 2012

A Quick Fix

Like all old homes, our house has many quirks.  One such quirk is the fact that the kids' room does not have a light switch.  Instead, the ceiling light has a pull chain.  It's kind of fun because, really, who else has that?  However, since it's high, the kids can't reach it and always have to ask for help when they need the light on.  Adding a light switch is on our list for someday, but I finally decided maybe I should do something about it now!  It only took a few minutes to paint a wooden bead, then add some twine to extend the chain.  I kept the end high enough that Joanna can just reach it, but Ezra can't, and there's no worry about anyone getting strangled on it!

The kids were thrilled!  They love it when they can do things themselves, and it makes it easier for me, too!  Win-win!

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