Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our "Activity" Cupboard

Although I'm in no hurry to start "formal" schooling with the kids, I do think it's good (and fun) to sometimes have some more focused "learning" activities.  Similar to the "busy bags" many people use, it's nice to have the kids doing something at the table while I'm trying to clean up the kitchen.  I have a fair amount of supplies to do these kinds of activities, but I don't get them out very often because they've been buried in a drawer and at the bottom of my someday art cupboard.  Because I'd like to do art and learning activities more frequently, I've been trying to figure out a way I can have my supplies a little more accessible.  

I finally decided to switch up some of my kitchen cupboards.  I moved my jars to the slightly-smaller cupboard above the oven - which should work fine because since I use my jars so frequently, there's not usually many in there at any one time!  My former jar cupboard is now our activity cupboard - here's a peek:

Supplies - having everything organized makes it easy to put together a few activities.
The scissors, crayons, markers, and such will eventually go in our art cupboard.

The bin holds some random things, and the basket has some ready-to-go activities.
My plan is to switch up the ready-to-go activities every week or two, so I always have something I can grab.

I'll be posting activity ideas on the insides of the cupboard doors, so I  don't have to look them up all the time.

This corner cupboard is in our dining room.    My plan is to add shelves and use it for our art cupboard, holding markers, paint, glue, etc. - everything art related!  For now our paint supplies just sit on the floor in there.

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