Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Harvest

Last week, when I heard the temperature would be dropping, I went out and gathered up the last of the tomatoes still on the vine and brought them in to finish ripening.  We got so many tomatoes this year - such a blessing!

I really wanted to try canning tomatoes this year, but I never could seem to find a block of time to be able to do it.  Finally, when I realized a few of my waiting tomatoes were starting to rot, I decided to just go ahead and freeze them.  Although canning tomatoes is still on my someday-do list, freezing really is such a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to preserve, that it probably is the best way for me to do tomatoes for now.  As a side note, I tried some of my frozen diced tomatoes in some chili the other day and I found it interesting that there were no noticeable chunks of tomato like there usually is when I use canned tomatoes.  I didn't mind, but I'm curious how they would turn out if I used them to make tomato sauce.  I'm planning on trying that soon!

And a little update to this year's Food Preservation List:

Pumpkin Puree - 17 (2 cup) bags
Pineapple Chunks - 6 gallon bags
Diced Tomatoes - Another 7 (2 cup) bags

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