Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Plan for a Simpler Christmas (that's actually working!)

I will readily admit that I am a perfectionist.  Sometimes that's a good thing, in that when I do something I usually do it well.  However, it also means that I often expect way too much of myself, which isn't such a good thing, especially when I also really want to make life simpler.  With Christmas, for example, because I can make homemade gifts, I feel like I have to make all of my gifts.  Don't get me wrong - I love making gifts, and I do think that homemade gifts can sometimes help keep things simple.  But it doesn't always, and I've found that sometimes making everything gets in the way of keeping things simple.  It doesn't feel simple when I spend hours trying to think of something to make that one person, or when I spend Christmas Eve finishing up that idea I finally thought of.

So, about a month ago, I decided to try things a little differently this year.  I decided to free myself of feeling like I have to make everything and gave myself permission to buy gifts as well.  I'm still doing lots of homemade things, but I'm sticking with mostly easy, simple stuff, and doing a lot of semi-homemade as well.  As for the gifts I'm purchasing, most of them are handmade (from bazaars or Etsy) or from small/local businesses.  I really expected to feel disappointed in myself whenever I purchased something, but by buying this way, I have found that since everything is unique or supporting people like myself, it actually feels really good.  As a huge bonus, I have a lot of my shopping done already - I'm way ahead of where I usually am at this time.  And I feel really relaxed about my gift-giving.  I love making gifts and I definitely still will when I can, but it feels really good to not feel like I have to make everything for everyone.

An Etsy purchase for the kids - they'll each get two of these little people in their stocking.
I'm finishing them with simple wood-burned eyes and a single-color watercolor-painted body.

I'm looking forward to having lots of time this Christmas season to savor my family and doing things together, instead of stressing about what I'm going to make for whom!

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