Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mini Quilts

I've only done a little bit of quilting, and the projects I've done have all been small things. I have made several wall hanging quilts, a couple my mom has, and these two that I have hanging on my walls:

I enjoy these small quilts, since they turn out so cute, and since they can be finished fairly quickly! I just finished another, although I can't take full credit for this one, since the top is actually a panel that I got years ago.

I've been planning on finishing it ever since I got it, but it's probably been sitting around for going on ten years or so. I finally got around to making a quilt out of it. I decided to do the quilting a little different on this one than on the others I have done. Usually I do very small, meticulous, one-at-a-time stitches, and they are very tedious and time-consuming. This time I didn't try to be such a perfectionist, and I did several stitches at a time (I think it's called "rocking"). Although many the stitches are bigger, the more I practiced, the better the stitches turned out, so by the end I was able to get them fairly small. The quilt turned out well, and it went together so much quicker this way! I think the more "perfectionist" way can be okay for a small quilt, but this is definitely the best way for a large quilt, or a project that needs to be finished quickly. Most people probably aren't going to inspect the quilt very closely, and even if they did, the bigger stitches look just fine, especially if there's nothing else to compare them to.

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